27 Oct 2009


I'll start with a side note: Today i heard (again, after 4 years without writting anything blog-wise) that what i type here seems, sometimes, depressive. Well, to anyone who wonders about that, i can say "don't worry". It's just the way it is. I personally find it boring to describe things like my day, my friends, the fact that i like cars etc. So what i tend to do is try and tell, instead, something that bothers me. Can be a question, a statement, an uncertainty about a detail of whatever, or just any other ghosts that haunts me. So, again, don't worry (if you ever did).

Now, about the photo and trying to be ordinary... well, that's my school. That's it: no more, no less. It's boring and weird in the morning. Less boring but still weird in the afternoon. Hopefully closed in the evenings. And maybe it travels through a wormhole to Patagonia between midnight and 5:00 in the morning. Who knows!?

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