31 Dec 2009


I hate 36mm lens.

29 Dec 2009




Blurry things. Went for a pita yesterday and was lazy to make a good picture... this was the result. Sorry.

28 Dec 2009


Starcrap: The Christmas Tangerine.

product design and development by "Stewie" De Wit.
art assistance/photography by me
sponsored by the Smets (tangerine, stars and alcoholic beverage)

27 Dec 2009


Haha. All the plastic imperfections! Nice camera tho.

25 Dec 2009


Velvia 50 loaded for more cross processing in a near future.

24 Dec 2009


Merry Christmas, mortals.

I know, gotta buy some new figures... this one is already showing up way too much in this blog.


This one is in the right spot.


This shot was supposed to be n# 80, and all shots since that should advance 1 position. But i screwed up and posted the wrong photo there. So i'm inverting places now. By the way, I don't care.

Fake cross process made in a minute.


Expired, cross processed film + fisheye + me ugly face + too much flash for the ocasion.


19 Dec 2009



Snow melting and turning into ice, no hangover from yesterday, no money to buy the gift i wanted to buy, leaving a beer 20 minutes at the window to cool it down, not buying a big bargain for lack of patience... today was a very strange day, odd in comparison to what i expect. Except for 1 thing...

17 Dec 2009


Snow falling snow falling snow falling snow falling snow falling snow falling snow falling snow falling snow falling snow falling snow falling snow falling snow falling snow falling snow falling snow falling snow falling snow falling snow falling snow falling snow falling snow falling snow falling snow falling snow falling snow falling snow falling snow falling snow falling snow falling snow falling and gluhwein, and gluhwein, and gluhwein, and gluhwein.


Fio (Phill) and his evil imaginary thumb friend.

Another kulminator wednesday, this time my bike light fell and broke. Scheiße.

16 Dec 2009


Enjoying my new bike to go to the center today. Sun, cold, trappist, photos, new chain and dynamo... Just forgot how money goes away fast.

15 Dec 2009


Finally! Winter is here.

14 Dec 2009


Oh, yeah! It's Christmas already, isn't it?

12 Dec 2009


The cool thing about using my old course papers as cigarette "filters" (merely to avoid burning my fingers) is that, every now and then, i find some of those drawings/notes/etc that i make during the class (yup). This one i found a while ago, tryed scanning it but never really did anything good. Now i decided to photograph it, and edit it like hell.

Anyway... for references, this reminds me of a friend... Pé na Cova is his name, or almost it.


Another one shot with the Canon S90... photoshoped a bit to get rid of some major fingerprints in the glass. Friday's photo.

11 Dec 2009


Not much to say.

9 Dec 2009


Scientists found a new form of total eclipse, and it seems to happen only in Belgium. It's called "cloudy eclipse", and consists in stationary clouds over the same spot for a few days or weeks, completelly eradicating any sunlight or any clear views of sky*.

* description for Belgians that may not yet have traveled abroad, never having a chance to know the subject "sky": a typicaly blue-ish, due to many optical factors, layer of the atmosphere that is believed to cover the total territory of the planet


Uninteresting. Rainy day, got some passport pics of me ugly face, got some more rain on my way back home etc.


8 Dec 2009


"Do not turn right if your vehicle is about to explode"... and i love how dirty these signs are.

7 Dec 2009


Nerd-ish night...

5 Dec 2009


"Yes we do like Westvleteren... sometimes a bit too much" part 2.


"Yes we do like Westvleteren... sometimes a bit too much" part 1.

3 Dec 2009


Today's photo, as promised.


Yesterday's photo. Messing with Tom's (the guy on the right) new camera. The custom white balance now is not set by point-and-click like my sx100 is... it's fully manual with controls on the lens' and menu's rings. Great stuff... great stuff.

Today's photo coming later on.

2 Dec 2009


A tiger, concidentially called Giu, concidentially coming from abroad, concidentially ended up living in the same places I do... guess what happened next? :)

Here is a blooper taht took place during hte photoshoot: poor bastard was so drunk he couldn't hold his head up for the 4 seconds exposure.

1 Dec 2009


"That there, that's not me"

30 Nov 2009


Pretty much an ordinary shot. Bad framing, bad subject, bad lightning, bad colors, but i'm still proud of how i managed not to shake (too much) for 15 seconds for the exposure. Photo taken at around 20:00... which means, at this time of the year, that it was as dark as teh night will get.

Shame tho... should've thought a bit more about the framing.

29 Nov 2009


Jan taking a nap in between dish-washing sessions. Jet lag.

This year it didn't snow. It wasn't that much fun this time.

28 Nov 2009


This looks like a late Halloween shot. Completes my day's atmosphere tho... woke up with a Marilyn Manson's song in me brain (Dried Up, Tied And Dead To The World), saw a giant owl staring at me from a rooftop (small/ugly pic at the end of the post), saw the wind carry clouds across the sky in "timelapse" speed, covering the moon, et cetera.

To balance things a bit i talked to a nun (yeah, there is a nun in my class... lol), watched 4 episodes of The Mentalist in a row to get a calmer/hollywood-ish evening, and played the new Super Mario Bross for Wii.

Contrasty, i have to say. And yes, i do need to vacuum the floor again... i can see the dust in the photo too.

26 Nov 2009


How to make a painful photo in 4 seconds.


And then you think: "309 to go...".

24 Nov 2009


My photos are way too dark lately.


Whatever... caption on Facebook (Picasa/Blogger were being weird a few minutes ago).

23 Nov 2009


Cheap circuits. Cheap photograph too. Latelly everything has been cheap, but not in a good way. Except for solutions... no, those never come cheap.

22 Nov 2009


Went out to enjoy the sun. Spent 5 hours under moonlight. Gotta love it.

21 Nov 2009


"... It's ok, had a bad day. hands are bruised from breaking rocks all day."

Alice in Chains @ Trix Antwerpen, 20 november 2009.

19 Nov 2009


Spent a small part of the day trying to fix the dynamo for my bike, which has passed away yesterday night, in mourn for Ireland's chance for the next World Cup. Well, didn't work. I guess when FIFA agrees to a rematch, the dynamo will just start working again. Go Eires!

On the other hand, took me 2 minutes to fix a dynamo flashlight that was being shortened by a LED. Then i wasted some 10 minutes thinking of how to convert this flashlight into the lights for my bike. Didn't succeed. Don't have the room to such a thing, although it looked extremely easy, for the right tools. Aaaaanywho, got a flashlight in one of those shops that sells all kind of cheap junk, but i forgot to buy the batteries.

In the end, i have to buy batteries tomorrow if i'm to ride my bike to Alice in Chain's concert. Crap.


Today, for the first time in a couple of years (around 4 i think), i really supported a football team. Ireland deserved the win, the french goal was bollocks.

But, as far as favourites go, France won. And although i got a free guinness and although i had a good time with an american and 2 frenchs (Marie, Remi and Geoff), i was disappointed. Now, why, i have no clue. I don't even like football. I guess i may be starting to get teh unexplainable feeling that sports fans, all around the world, have.

18 Nov 2009


Imagine an unnecessarily bright light. Now imagine it in an unnecessarily fancy PS-like controlle. Now, imagine the headache one can get when that thing starts blinking if it is accidentaly activated while playing PES...

16 Nov 2009


2 photographs taken with different exposure times, overlapped with "Color Burn" effect. Isn't expectacular, but i don't care. If you want something better, subscribe to work for the belgian government and work competently, deal? This way i can work and invest in some equipment or a short trip for some more interesting photos.

Original photos:

15 Nov 2009


Somethings i still didn't test: 120 photography and cheap film from a trashcam.

Should go for it.