22 Oct 2009


Yet another "white balance" mess. Gonna spend the night doing homework (reading articles in dutch) for the simple reason: i am a procrastinator. Yeah, you know that one, right: "Procrastinators, tomorrow belongs to us."?!

Got some bad news today about 2 friends, but i hear they are coping well and everything will be fine... even then, it's never good to have such news.

On another note, to Geoff, the "drunk" citation in the other photo was not about you. As soon as i passed Mechelseplein, there was this guy taking every 3 or 4 steps, holding still, looking up, then down, then kept walking his 3 or 4 steps (kind off sideways) to then stop again and repeat. You should've seen it :D

Gotta go drink/prepare more coffee for the night. Cheers.

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