30 Oct 2009


Instant headache, guaranteed! Macro from my monitor.

Waiting forward to tomorrow.


Bike ride. Photo shot between 1h8'40" and 1h8'44" from the 29th of october... so tecnically, it's valid for the day :)

Before it's asked: i have more pictures taken since i woke up (common sense "today"), but they were not as cool as this one.

29 Oct 2009


Meeting new friends is great. Meeting old friends is, for me, unexplainable. Even when having hte chance to greet some new interesting people, the ones sitting around hte table that know something about you, are the ones that make a difference. It's a matter of trust. Superficial, i know, but still a matter of trust.

Something about the similarities sounds like nothing as great as the wind as you sail through life and, only after this minimun ammount of guess-what's, we are able to realize wherever the wind blows.

Sounds complicated? I hope not. Great news just arrived and they sound pretty much simple to me.

28 Oct 2009


A bit of rubbish, stupid photo and propaganda.

27 Oct 2009


I'll start with a side note: Today i heard (again, after 4 years without writting anything blog-wise) that what i type here seems, sometimes, depressive. Well, to anyone who wonders about that, i can say "don't worry". It's just the way it is. I personally find it boring to describe things like my day, my friends, the fact that i like cars etc. So what i tend to do is try and tell, instead, something that bothers me. Can be a question, a statement, an uncertainty about a detail of whatever, or just any other ghosts that haunts me. So, again, don't worry (if you ever did).

Now, about the photo and trying to be ordinary... well, that's my school. That's it: no more, no less. It's boring and weird in the morning. Less boring but still weird in the afternoon. Hopefully closed in the evenings. And maybe it travels through a wormhole to Patagonia between midnight and 5:00 in the morning. Who knows!?

25 Oct 2009


Nothing to say. Except for "nothing to say". And the last part. Paradox.


How much adrenaline does it take to be petrified to death? How much does it take to become something you'd be affraid of? How much adrenaline does it take to do something you'd never do?

Have been wondering about too much today, but the cool part is that there are never answers if you don't want them. On the other hand, it's plain stupid to ask things if you don't want answers. I guess it's just human nature. Isn't that how religions, political differences and a few otehr rivality excuses started? You refuse to get any decent justification to your questions (or actions), and so you create your own unexplainable set of retorical questions or mistical explanations and you're good to go. That seems to be the formula, if you wanna give it a try in becoming rich very fast. Retorical questions.

Anyway, enough BS for a day.

24 Oct 2009


Sometimes days are better than expected. I'm not really looking forward to tomorrow though.

Listening to Type O Negative.

23 Oct 2009


And so it begins. With only 3:40 hours of sleep and no mercy at all.

22 Oct 2009


Yet another "white balance" mess. Gonna spend the night doing homework (reading articles in dutch) for the simple reason: i am a procrastinator. Yeah, you know that one, right: "Procrastinators, tomorrow belongs to us."?!

Got some bad news today about 2 friends, but i hear they are coping well and everything will be fine... even then, it's never good to have such news.

On another note, to Geoff, the "drunk" citation in the other photo was not about you. As soon as i passed Mechelseplein, there was this guy taking every 3 or 4 steps, holding still, looking up, then down, then kept walking his 3 or 4 steps (kind off sideways) to then stop again and repeat. You should've seen it :D

Gotta go drink/prepare more coffee for the night. Cheers.

21 Oct 2009


Holy crap!!! Anyway, that's it. Went out, shot some 22 exposures with my Silette, bought an old game for €8, got 2 disposable cameras for €2 each, and all of those "etc's" and stuff.

20 Oct 2009


Another autumn is here, and yet another day contemplating the low level of competence that seems to haunt the systems for foreign related issues and the average government tasks in this place.

18 Oct 2009



I shouldn't. Really. Dutch exams coming up and i'm clearly about to fail.

17 Oct 2009


Nice day in Oostende checking a very small collection of around 500 analog cameras. Decided to hunt the green Ghosts in the tram station on my way back home.


Lame photo for a nice day. Got a bit too wet with the rain, practiced dutch at the Babbelcafe, wet to another cafe afterwards.... Just forgot to clean my cameras for tomorrow in Oostende. Whatever.

Oh, and today it's been 2 years since i arrived in Belgium for good. And BTW, F.U., whoever is dealing with my documents.

16 Oct 2009


Still planning the final edition of the BigFucker 2000... no success so far tho. Still have to clean the Agfa Clack and the Canon AV-1 for this weekend in Oostende. And to whatever their oktoberfeest is.

15 Oct 2009


Busy day... at bars. This pic should look like an approximate digital remake of this. Either way, i've had my sum of fun today, including free beer, sun, cold, outdoors, sights of drunk peaople almost falling on the sreets, etc etc.

Some discussions brought some nostalgic feelings to the entyre experience. And those, i must reckon, are the most important. In the end tho, all that is left is the certainty of tomorrow's hangover, and my last weeks' less than creative mind. Gotta find myself a way out of these last ones.

14 Oct 2009


Another sky pic. Sorry for the lack of creativity but the colours were nice. This time tho, i took the pic from behind windows, being forcet to use zoom to frame it alright and got a very boring shot in the end. But who cares?!

Wednesday on it's way...

13 Oct 2009


Outdoors... even if it was for a minute just to go back indoors at: dutch course; laundry; supermarket; back home.

Doing the laundry in that specific place is a bit nostalgic tho... added something (not necessarily good) to the "monday experience".

11 Oct 2009


Training a bit of photoshop. It's been a while. Anyway: early sunday, good beer, great dinner, brazilian-like hamburgers for lunch, new camera added to the arsenal, no outdoors picture and already bored with the course that only takes place tomorrow morning.

10 Oct 2009


Sandy Claws rules. Tho, i'm getting pretty tired of indoors photos (even the sky from yesterday was from indoors). I gotta start taking more pics when i go outside. I just don't know when that is gonna happen.


Saying goodbye to blue skies for a while. Knowing Belgium, this should disappear at any moment and show up again next year as if nothing happened.

8 Oct 2009


Empty days...


Not much to say. Rainy day and all i wish is that i had a waterproof camera and didn't have to walk around with my passport. Rain rules.

On a side note, i'm getting pretty annoyed by my camera. ISO 400 and higher just makes any shot look like a webcam snap pic.

6 Oct 2009


Gotta organize myself... too many films laying in the drawer. I know i should put them in the fridge or a cooler place, but whatever.... I'll do that when i stop paying 1€ in each film.

Sorry for the dark photo tho. I went to get 6 rolls of negative at the lab today but i forgot my Canon (just had the BigFucker 2000 Beta with me), so i couldn't really produce anything useful.

5 Oct 2009


Back from the dentist. Raining, with 1 less tooth (and it's mutant 3 roots), back on antibiotics and painkillers, risking a week with bar meeting and beer appreciation wednesday, and a trip to Westvleteren to get.... well, Westvleteren beer.

Anyway, I bet none of you i had a mutant tooth. And it ook almost one hour to be removed due to it's hook-shaped roots. Now, am I in your "weirdest people i know" list? I think i deserve a place there.


A bit unorthodox, i know, but i gotta figure out how to "scan" my upcoming 120 negatives before i spend any money with it. A scan at the lab costs €5 per photo. Now, how can that be acceptable? I payed 5 in the camera and will pay around 7 in the film, how can 30-40€ be fair for a simple scan?

Anyway, spent a few minutes experimenting... nothing serious, just to see if any good ideas would pop up. But my toothache got the worst of me today again. Couldn't really think. Best luck next time.

By the way, if you watch "Ripley's Believe it or not"... WHO THE FUCK IS RIPLEY?

3 Oct 2009


Can't think right now. Not much for a caption besides extreme toothache. I guess the photo tells a lot by itself.


Cafes + yahtzee + friends + should've done better on monday's test.

(shot and posted on Picasa - 2 october 2009)


1st picture of my Project 365. Couldn't wake up on time today to go to school, so let's blame it on my watch.

(shot and posted on Picasa - 1 october 2009)