25 Oct 2009


How much adrenaline does it take to be petrified to death? How much does it take to become something you'd be affraid of? How much adrenaline does it take to do something you'd never do?

Have been wondering about too much today, but the cool part is that there are never answers if you don't want them. On the other hand, it's plain stupid to ask things if you don't want answers. I guess it's just human nature. Isn't that how religions, political differences and a few otehr rivality excuses started? You refuse to get any decent justification to your questions (or actions), and so you create your own unexplainable set of retorical questions or mistical explanations and you're good to go. That seems to be the formula, if you wanna give it a try in becoming rich very fast. Retorical questions.

Anyway, enough BS for a day.

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