28 Nov 2009


This looks like a late Halloween shot. Completes my day's atmosphere tho... woke up with a Marilyn Manson's song in me brain (Dried Up, Tied And Dead To The World), saw a giant owl staring at me from a rooftop (small/ugly pic at the end of the post), saw the wind carry clouds across the sky in "timelapse" speed, covering the moon, et cetera.

To balance things a bit i talked to a nun (yeah, there is a nun in my class... lol), watched 4 episodes of The Mentalist in a row to get a calmer/hollywood-ish evening, and played the new Super Mario Bross for Wii.

Contrasty, i have to say. And yes, i do need to vacuum the floor again... i can see the dust in the photo too.

1 comment:

Riet said...

Haha, I love the first picture!
And the dust... well that's just part of the setting, no? :) It wouldn't have had the same effect without it.