19 Nov 2009


Spent a small part of the day trying to fix the dynamo for my bike, which has passed away yesterday night, in mourn for Ireland's chance for the next World Cup. Well, didn't work. I guess when FIFA agrees to a rematch, the dynamo will just start working again. Go Eires!

On the other hand, took me 2 minutes to fix a dynamo flashlight that was being shortened by a LED. Then i wasted some 10 minutes thinking of how to convert this flashlight into the lights for my bike. Didn't succeed. Don't have the room to such a thing, although it looked extremely easy, for the right tools. Aaaaanywho, got a flashlight in one of those shops that sells all kind of cheap junk, but i forgot to buy the batteries.

In the end, i have to buy batteries tomorrow if i'm to ride my bike to Alice in Chain's concert. Crap.

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